Call me "Fat"

That’s fucking right. Yelp is beyond fucking retodded and it would be my pleasure to give you a little tour of the reality that exists in which Yelp fucking sucks and you need to know why before you’re going to realize it enough to say, fucking eh’ man, you’re right. Yelp is fucking Retodded. In fact; Yelp should be destroyed and their total net value redistributed to small businesses and self-employed individuals who’ve ever been harmed in any way whatsoever from Yelp’s devious and fraudulent actions to make money at everyone’s expense.  Oh; we can’t do that because they’re a publically traded company?  Well, then I’m sorry for anyone partially invested in Yelp innocently because you pay be harmed when Yelp ultimately meets it’s maker; a pile of dog shit. I’m going after the executives and board then, individually and personally; I’m going to make sure they all die at my hands and suffer in the process. When I’m done; I’m going to take all their bodies and make them into wax statutes of bloody murdered internet company nerd fucks who deserved to die twice and I’m going open up a little wax museum across from Yelp headquarters and see if people leave my wax museum any yelp reviews.   That’s not an act of terrorism, I hope you know that when Trump calls it one anyways, just so you know; that’s not terrorism, it’s called cleaning up and taking the law into my own hands because the law has also been shown to be retodded when it comes to Yelp;