The United States of America consists of one of the most intellectually-void populations in the modern time. (If you voted for Donalfd Trump for President in 2016, you most definitely fall within this definition.) Almost the entire half of the population of this Country has either been completely brainwashed, is driven by pure greed and selfishness, or has been so fully raped by the influence of religion as to have no ability whatsoever to think for themselves).  The aforementioned members of the United States: utilizing some or all of the following: (1) Completely broken logic, (2) Selfish and misguided thoughts and ideas, (3) illogical conclusions derived from bring victims of brainwashing, or (4) inherent gullibility, decided in November 2016 to cast their vote to elect for the highest political office in the United States, the absolutely least qualified candidate that has ever ranfor President in the History of the United States.

Pages will be developed to explain each and every significant issues inherent in allowing this man to act as President of a County that I happen to be a citizen of; but I’ll start by simply telling you that this is man is nothing at all other than a completely selfish, outrageouly corrupt, extremely unintelligent, proven pathological liar, racist, piece of shit that has time and time again proven to the American people without any doubt whatsoever that he does not care in any way, shape, or form about this County, about it’s welfare, about it’s citizens, about it’s environment, or about anything at all that isn’t directly related to him personally, and his immediate family, benefiting monetarily at all times and whenever possible.

He has lied to everyone. He will destroy our nation if something is not done about him immediately. For legality sake, I do not want this to be construed as any attempt to incite violence, or specifically violence against the current Present of the United States.  However, I must make it know and have every legal right to express my sincere opinion that Donald Trump must die. The future of this Country depends on putting a permanent stop to Donald Trump, which it would seem can only be accomplished via death.  We will discuss this more later.  Though Trump’s death is imperative to the safety of our nation; should he die during his tenure as President; Vice President Pence would be sworn in as acting president and this cannot happen either.  VP Pence is also a very dangerous man.  While his priorities do not mirror that of Trump, they are no less harmful to this great nation; so it must be understood should Trump die; Pence must die as well or the nation is still heading towards the end.  To read More, Follow this secret link to the gigantic Washington Conspiracy currently in the works to completely demolishy Washington DC and take over the United States completely pursuant to the predictions of the framers of the constitution.   ,