Call me "Fat"

Why do you believe in God?

Why even bother answering that question. The truth is, I know the answer to that question far better than you do.  In fact, though you likely have some sort of a hunch, you”ve likely allowd denial to take over for so many consecutive years that your beliefs are so beaten down and questioned by your subconscious that at the current juncture, you likely haven’t a client what the fuck is going on and you especially don’t know how to begin to answer this extremely simple question that has a very obvious answer. In fact, so obvious is the answer to the question that, if you let me ask you the question again and you give it your good old best try answering it; if you get it wrong, can I please punch you square in the nuts as hard as I can.  The hopes being that I punch you so hard that you can no longer have children because one more idiot that can’t abuse their children by indoctrinating their poor innocent child with the absolute bullshit nonsense that you’d likely attempt to do is a god damned victory for the entire human race and our future.


You see, you likely haven;t the slightest idea how stupid you are for honestly believing anything your religion has taught you.  Everything, friend, it’s all a big fucking lie. Have you read the bible?  If so, then I assume you know exactly what I am referring to.  Do you have any experience learning about biblical history, how the bible came about; who it was written by, when, and general history-type stuff such as that?  If you do, then you of course know that the bible is nothing other than a book, a novel, a work of fiction and absolutely nothing else, whatsoever.  It is not the word of God.  It is not a depiction of real life events.  It’s full of horrible nonsense, illogical stories that are supposed to teach morals that, to be quite frank, can be taught in many other, more effective ways, and get this, they can be tought without having to resort to absilute fairy tails and lies.  In fact, such morals can be taught without having to invoke the whole “Fear/Punishment” aspect, can you believe that?  Your religion is garbage. Whether you kind of feel what I’m saying; know ecasxtly what I’m saying, or are so caught up in the nonsense that you honestly believe every word you read about your faith; ya’ll need some help.

Why do I believe you need help?  Well, just as many of you religious nutjobs beleive that it is necessary to preach your nonsense and lies to other innocent people that usually want nothing to do with you or your religion, etc.; that doesn’t seem to stop you from preaching and preaching your gospel of dumb.  However, what you are doing is spreading lies. You are lying to people and spreading stories that A. never happened, and B. have extremely question morals, not to mention your holy books are violent and inappripriate for children and serve anbsolutely no purpose whatsoever, whether they attempt to pretend to or not.  The bible is garbage. Bibles should be be burned, all of them.  Your religion should be outlawed. And, since you and your religious leaders have mever found much a problem in forcing yourbeliefs and teachings down the throats of everyone else; all of you should be forced to learn about the Truth.  Unlike reliegious morons forcing beliefs down throats; I’m talking about the Truth now. Truth. When Truth is “shoved down your throat”, that’s called the giving the gift that keeps on giving and is the ultimate token of and key to ultimate intellectual freedom; the most important concept in all humanity.

Come back soon and we’ll get started. I must warn you, however, that if you’ve already been brainwashed into having faith in one or more baseless religions; we are going to first need to cleanse your brain of all the nonsense that they’ve abused you with over the years and wash you of your brainwashing such that you are clean, unbiased, and ready to learn how to think for yourself, to think critically, to utilize logic and deductive problem skills to find the real answers to the questions that you face from day to day.  Believe it or not, once you are able to think for yourself, you will quickly realize that everything you’ve been told in the past is not only a lie but that you are surprised that you could have ever believed a word of it.  While you may feel embarrassed at first upon this revelation; that will pass, and your new gift of intelligent thought will take you further than you ever through was possible and you will never see life in the same way again.  You will learn that life is exponentially more magnificent and beutiful when God is no longer an acceptable answer to anything.  You will find yourself exponentially more moral than the typical religious person; and you will no exactly what it means when they say, once you go atheist, you never go back.