Call me "Fat"


by | Mar 19, 2017 | REligious Bullshit Pie | 0 comments

This may be a question easily answered by folks that A. pay attention to these types of things, B. don’t suffer from A.D.D. such that paying attention to these types of things is very naturally transformed into habit and routine without much notice, C. are able to retain information retained by the brain via one of the various methods evolved over the millions of sexually busy years including the capturing of various waves, be in audio, video, liquid, light, or expressions of leaving or separation; 4. are able to utilize these evolved methods of communication to translate the signals and waves into meanings made of lines and symbols that signify one or more sounds when combined make sentences that create meaning and combine to create more meaning , and 5. these people are the types that have no qualms with finding their sentences and adding others and subtracting yet others, mixing symbols and words; then jumping up and flying around the world where making the sounds they make sound of sounds sounding ompletely different and , and 6. it’s these folks that aren’t the first to hesitate because they don’t hesistate at all, to dissect these sounds bacl down to shapes, but shapes unknown to them and those back home; the shapes are the shapes they’ve always known where they were now but the sounds, they sound broken, and they start looking foreign, but broken sounds and foriegn looks; the meaning never changed and it’s still the same exact thing it’s always been and it means what it’s always meant, in fact, even the same meaning as it had all those millions of years ago when they were nothing but waves, stranger waves that had yet to even meet eachother nor danced their dances and made the meannings that they were always meant to make.