Call me "Fat"

You can take your Christ bullshit and you can shove it far up the deepest crevice of your ass. Jesus means nothing, you waste your time praying to his stupid piece of shit existence. Stop wasting time, go feed someone who’s hungry. Use that greed money for something good, you know you don’t give a rat’s ass about god or jesus or everything else you preach. You are all greedy pieces of shit that just want more and more money at the expense of everyone else. You use Jesus as a front, well Jesus never actually existed, so he isn’t a good front for we will kill you and your families; it’s time cults took to logic and killed in the name of who gives a fuck about christ.

Politicians who mention god and jesus shall die. ┬áTeachers that mention god and jesus shall die. We live in reality and you govern us in your own fantasy land, a land set up to benefit solely you and at everyone else’s expense. ┬áMorality calls for your death, you are a messenger of wrong and act in ways detrimental to intellectual progress and humanitarianism. ┬áRelgiious right is a disease and it has infected us for too long. it has too much power now with the Trump administration and non-violence must be put aside now for blood taking, heads on sticks revolution. It is the only way to free us from the powers that be. burn their money, steal their food, take over their property, and kill them all.