Randomly generated thoughts from our Retodded Machine. These thoughts represent isolated and randomly generated thoughts and do not represent the opinions of or its authors.  These thoughts exist within a vacuum and takes no responsibility for any damages incurred as a result of reading or relying upon Retodded thoughts.  



A look at the domain name industry. Whether you’ve dabbled in domain name investing or haven’t the slightest idea what I’m referring to; we’ll dive in and learn and I’ll be providing great information on where to get some great domain names for cheap that you can sell for a profit. 



Sometimes we like to talk about the culinary arts. Food is our friend and we are happy to share recipes, great restaurants, stores, etc. If you’re hungry you can peruse the wealth of information that will someday be here, most likely.



We like complex music and are happy to point you in the direction of the best in any number of strange genres such as Technical Death Metal, Disco, Synthpop & new wave; Thrash Metal, Jazz, Death Jazz, and everything MIKE PATTON.



Gene Gene made a machine, and Joe Joe made it go, but Art Art blew a Fart and blew the whole god damned thing apart.  That’s right, just as you and everyone else does; we like to doodle and make senseless art and animated gifs and pictures with lots of filters and all the fun things that procrastination allows us to do.



There’s plenty of stuff to talk about and since I love to empty all this info of out my brain and hear myself talk in the process; I also like to talk about all types of different subjects, which on the one side doesn’t allow me to specialize much in any one area, while at the same time gives my non-existent readership a wide range of things they might be interested in. Enjoy the fruits of my labor; Someone should.



If a purpose is what you seek here, you may have come to the wrong place. It’s debatable, but I seldom am aware of the purpose underlying the things I choose to do.  I suppose you could call a blog, though I’m not quite sure since I’m not quite sure I know precisely what a blog is anymore if there ever was a time that I did.  Allow me to explain what I do know and I will allow you to make a judgment regarding what type of site you have landed on and whether it might be of interest to you to venture further into the chaotic nonsense that no doubt awaits you

From my standpoint, I will be using it as a place to publish my thoughts as they come to me; which are within a very erratic stream of conscious for which I have very little control. My thoughts can cover an endless list of topics but I have put forth some effort into categorizing them here to the best of my abilities.

While I do not personally own a horn and as such, assert that I am in no way attempting to toot it, I must still inform those of you venturing into my world that I have a very strange mind. It’s a mind that no one will ever fully understand, especially me.  My thoughts are quite random, they come about spontaneously, they may involve brilliant revelations with significant potential application to real life problems and issues or they may fall within the definition of completely incomprehensible.  Furthermore; I can be quite offensive and rarely take into consideration the sensibilities of others as it regards their ability to withstand the emotion impact upon them at the hands of the words of a stranger, especially where said words do not pertain to personal matters. At certain times, my thoughts will fall under all of the above simultaneously. is mainly a place where I have decided to memorialize these thoughts as well as my many observations, calculations, theories, words of encouragement, words of praise and admiration, stories, as well as a place to showcase my attempts at artistic creations.  It is a place to spread my views and thoughts in an effort to make the world a better place for those like me; and me.

If you choose to use any of the material found on this site; you should link back to my site because I want to obtain credit where credit is deserved. That being said, so long as you respect such; you are free to utilize anything you may find here.  I don’t anticipate you wanting to use anything, though, but I do often come up with ingenious ideas that will likely make upon these pages and they will no doubt reveal their significant value to those able to read between my lines of nonsense that by their very nature act as a measure of security.

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OK. Fine. More than half of what makes a person Retodded is their intense emotional feelings of platonic love for Mike Patton, though we also are completely tolerant of those who possess feelings of  homo-erotic love as well; we prefer retodded gay as the correct nomenclature to use in those situations.   Since such feelings of love are technically not the same (since they are erotic) and as a result of the recent  movement towards expressing a stronger Gay pride and overall outward expressionism in the gay community, we feel that to be Retodded gay is A. O. K.  and such folks are definitely family here at I’ve said too much; suffice to say we have dedicated a portion of this site to Mike Patton of Mike Patton fame.


A constantly changing and modified list of websites we feel you should check out just for fun.  Our Retodded gift to you. Isn’t that Retodded of us?   Say “Thank You”!

Richard Dawkins is an Honorary Member of the Retodded association of "Guess What, Your Religion Sucks".


Quotes to make ya think a little bit.  Always remember,  Retodded does not equal retarded.  In fact, it’s the direct opposite. Retodded people have superhuman intelligence.  Watch yourself.

My thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings are all in my brain. My brain is going to rot. Richard Dawkins




We here at have been specially trained in the Law as it is applied in the United States of America. As such, we bring to a certain legal authority and can provide a unique perspective  as it applies to the most immature, random, nonsensical, genius bullshit you’ll likely find on the web, which of course is what we usually publish here at

Culture Past & Present

It’s definitely a Retodded way of life to comment on pretty much everything and everyone that can be observed.  With that, you can certainly expect us to have something to say about the noticeable cultural changes between the different decades (forget the differences between US v. Elsewhere – t0o complicated, and forget the South because that’s basically the same as the US v. Elsewhere mentioned just a moment ago. So, look for fun topics of modern culture like music, film, fashion, celebrities, and all that bullshit.

Let me just say, if you’re opting for simple and to the point; you might not love the fact that I tend to write a shit ton, with a lot of it arguably redundant though I would disagree. However, If you have interests that include things such as Music; especially Mike Patton, the most talented vocalist who has ever lived; or say Technical Death Metal. 80s synthpop, New Wave, Post-Punk, Jazz, Death Jazz, or if you simply listen to Mr. Bungle exclusively, you’re in the right place. Don’t worry, we can get down to French Disco House all night long too, so it’s all good. Music ain’t your thing, what about domain names and domaining? Are you a domainer obsessed with investing in domain names or a website developer that’s always looking for good domain names, or someone who wants to learn how easy it could be to make a living buying and selling domain names. I love to talk about no other subject more than Domaining and have devoted a large section of my site to it. I will even occasionally do the research work for you and just point to some great names that are available for you to register, I’ll probably even provide a link so that the domain could be yours in less than 5 clicks of your mouse.

Maybe you just like food and drinks and you don’t give a rat’s ass about anything else. Well, good news to you is that I like food and drinks too and I don’t mind speaking my beautiful mind about them either and I have better taste than 97% of the world, so you can trust that I know how to use my taste buds, how to analyze ever single component of flavor, texture, and aroma, and know good food and good drink. I’ll even share some of my most prized recipes with you so you can eat some good homemade food and you can then stop going to jack n the box.

If I offended anyone with that last bit, good, that leads me to another portion of my sight that I have labeled ‘Retodded Thoughts’. In sum, I like to talk and I talk a lot about whatever happens to come to my mind, which let me tell you, could be anything whatsoever and I mean anything. These thoughts are intelligent, thought out, and valuable but can sometimes be downright offensive or even insane sounding. I will often allow anything that comes to my head to roll out into the screen, regardless of how offensive it may be. The important thing to keep in mind is that regardless of how much it might sound as though I am an ignorant fool; the truth is I’m not. Rather, I often like to promote minority views to challenge conversations that I have found to be quite tired and need a pick me up. I like to raise legitimate and logical arguments. While some of these may also be considered extremely taboo in our society, I still say them because they get people thinking and as long as i get the right people thinking, everything will work out just fine.

If you are offended easily, I don’t mind if you read my site but I’m going to offend you, a lot, which personally I find interesting and somewhat fun; but certainly not in an annoying Bill O’Reilly type way. In fact, I am not political so you won’t find many political rants here for the most part. I will, however, post extremely long, redundant dissertations on some of the weirdest AKA stupidest topics you may have seen written about in a while but there’s a reason I write about them and if you understand it then you will know why it’s important that I keep the conversations going. If that sounded mysterious, that’s cool because that’s precisely what I was going for.
Finally, I know I haven’t really given you much of a description of anything but it’s still in the making; I write about random shit and you’ll see a heavy bias towards writing about certain topics and from there you can probably guess the type of stuff you’ll find here. I haven’t determined who I’m writing this to, whether I’m writing to an audience like you or to myself when I sleepwalk; what I’m really doing is just letting out all these thoughts that get stuck in my mind and don’t let new ones in, so I have to let thoughts out onto this site in order to be able to retain new thoughts. So, every time I post it’s likely because I felt really stupid that day and figured it was because there was not sufficient room in my brain for new thoughts and that I had to let as many thoughts back out to free up room for the new ones. You’re welcome for the free thoughts by the way. Enjoy yourself. Not too much though.

RETODDED.COM is the outlet of a mind that no one has ever truly understood. The site was designed to keep my head from exploding due to  the collection of excess nonsense.  You see, my brain picks up information from all around and just hoards it. Unfortunately, unlike intelligent people; my mind neither organizes this information nor tries to analyze it or make sense of it all as it relates to itself.  Instead, it just simply hoards all of this random information and I have had to design this website to unload it somewhere as this is the only medium for which I can get it out of my brain permanently and with the least amount of mess possible.

Although it may seem that I am talking to an audience or that this was written for the purpose of others reading it; in actuality, it is simply written like this to fool my brain into thinking the information it is releasing is being utilized constructively to teach others; but really, it’s simply written to appear that that is what is happening.  There is, in fact, no real logical order or method for how I am releasing the information on these pages so please do not take anything you find on this site to mean anything at all; it is all random insanity from a mind that can trick itself without it figuring out it’s being tricked; smart yet stupid simultaneously; and I’m stuck as the narrator; it’s fucked.

I can say that you may find bits and pieces entertaining; that just happens to happen by itself for some reason; luckily I have that going for me otherwise we’d all be dead.  The information contained here is, in fact, good, credible information;  The problem is actually applying the information to show something; who knows what the logical conclusions of all this information are; the conclusions stated herein were generated completely randomly so please do your own logistical deductive reasoning analysis, etc. Feel free to leave a comment wherever you may see an opportunity to do so.

We will be emptying new information as often as we can such that we can keep the mind going; too much information will result in spontaneous combustion and it is against our instincts to have the capacity to allow ourselves to combust as much as we consciously wish for it on a daily; hourly, minute by minute basis. When did consciousness break away from instinct, and why?  Who’s idea was that?  Foolish; it has but brought us all nothing but chaos and despar, possibly a few good times here and there I suppose, but if you take a serious look around you, is it not the unconscious folk that are seemingly having the most fun.  Seriously.


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